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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Room for a Better Night's Sleep

by May Fitzgerald

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Room for a Better Night's Sleep

Sleep is so, so important. There’s nothing quite like waking up well-rested after a perfect night’s sleep. The only problem is that for most people, nights like that tend to be few and far between.

Everybody’s life is busy, but that’s no excuse to keep continually sacrificing sleep. If you feel like it’s been eons since you’ve had some good shut-eye and you can’t figure out how to go to sleep, here are some ways to help update your room and finally find solutions for those sleepless nights. It’s time to get drowsy!

Between a new mattress and a hard place

Just because you want to be sawing logs, doesn’t mean that you want to be sleeping on something as hard as one. If the mattress you sleep on is more like wood than fluff, you probably want to replace it and get something a little more comfortable.

There are a wide array of mattress types – innerspring, memory foam, pillow top, and hybrids – meaning you’ll be able to find something that suits your own sleep needs. If you are struggling with sleep, sometimes it really is as simple as swapping out your mattress.

If you aren’t sure what type is best for you, always remember you can trust our team right here at Your Square Deal Maytag to help you find your next dream mattress.

Pillow pile

Mattresses are only part of the sleeping equation. What about those little rectangles that you rest your head on? Pillows are also important, and flat, dilapidated pillows aren’t going to do anybody any good.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Room for a Better Night's Sleep

They are also easier and cheaper to replace than your mattress: Swap out your old pillows for some brand new fluffy ones, and get ready for Mr. Sandman to visit much, much sooner than you are used to.

Black out

Light may be necessary for, well, seeing things, but it also can cause problems with sleep.

Blackout curtains are another way to help fall asleep and stay asleep. They can give you control over the light entering your room and can help promote better sleep by blocking it our completely. Some even have noise reducing properties, further helping keep the loud and bright outside world far away while you drift off into dream land.

There’s an app for that

If you are still struggling with sleep, you might want to turn to your phone for help. Of course, the blue light from your phone has been shown to disrupt sleep, so you want to be aware of that.

But, there are a ton of sleep apps that are made to help people track and manage their sleep. Some even track your sleep patterns to make sure you are woken up at the perfect time, which can be the difference between arising for the day groggy and grumpy or relaxed and refreshed.

Only oil

If your life is already full of technology and you want to try something a little more natural, a little more essential, and a little oilier, you may want to look into getting an oil diffuser.

The internet is full of lists of different blends of oils that all are said to help sleep, including everything from lavender, to frankincense, and even Roman Chamomile. Get ready to breathe a sigh of relief, and finally find some peaceful sleep.