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How to Keep Your Cat from Scratching Your Furniture

by May Fitzgerald

Every cat owner has been there: you walk into the living room first thing in the morning and catch your feline friend red-pawed, scratching away at your favorite couch. Bad kitty!

There’s no faster way to ruin good furniture than a cat without boundaries, but there are ways to keep your new sofas, armchairs, and tables safe from little Mittens' clutches. Follow these tips, and your new furniture from Your Square Deal Maytag will stay stylish and scratch-free!

Create a Plan – and Stick to It

Cats scratch partially to mark their territory, so when a brand new sofa, chair, or table comes into your home, the temptation to go claw-crazy will be strong.

That’s why it’s important to have a plan of action for deterring your kitty from scratching long before your new furniture arrives! When you pick up an awesome piece of furniture from Your Square Deal Maytag, it’s meant to last a long, long time, so plan ahead to make sure it’s protected from your furry friends.

The most important thing when breaking your cat’s furniture-scratching habit is staying tough. When you tell Mittens to quit tearing your upholstery to shreds, he’s going to look at you with the biggest, saddest eyes you’ve ever seen, and it’ll feel almost impossible to keep saying no. But if you stay strong, you’ll both be happier in the end!

Deter from Furniture

You can’t keep a cat from scratching completely – it’s how they exercise, mark their territory, keep their claws sharp, and relax when they’re feeling stressed. But with the right tools, you can direct that impulse to scratch away from your lovely furniture.

It’s the texture of the heavy upholstery fabrics that your kitty’s claws just love, so placing less pleasant materials on the spots where your cat usually scratches can help deter them. Double stick tape, aluminum foil, and plastic sheets can help make your precious couch less fun for your cat to scratch. If Mittens is especially persistent, you might want to try a cat deterrent spray. Cats hate the smell of citrus, and there are lots of herbal sprays on the market that can keep kitties away from scratch-free zones.

Create Alternatives

After you cover up your cat’s favorite scratching spots, provide new scratching posts or strips where your cat is allowed to scratch. Start by placing them right next to your cat’s favorite claw sharpeners, like the legs of your coffee table or the arms of the couch.

If he isn’t interested, try using a ribbon wand or another favorite toy to help her discover the excitement of her new scratching posts. Making the scratching posts an appealing place to hang out by giving your kitty praise and treats as he investigates them can help her warm up to the new arrangement more quickly.

Try to use a tall cat scratcher covered in sisal rope or fabric, rather than flimsier materials like cardboard. There’s a reason Mittens has been going to town on your new couches! Our furniture is known for being sturdy and durable as well as stylish, and cats love furniture that’s tough enough for them to really dig into.

Keep Claws Clipped

If your cat’s claws seem to be sticking to carpets and furniture no matter what you do, give them a little trim. Grooming your cat’s claws regularly can make your little Mittens more comfortable and help save your furniture. But no matter how bad your cat’s scratching problem is, experts warn against declawing him. A cat’s claws are an important part of their social and physical health, and declawing can be not only painful for your cat, but it can also lead to long-term behavioral issues.

Instead, try a harmless alternative like claw caps. They cover up your cat’s claws and reduce the damage they do to furniture – they even come in bright colors! That way, you can keep your home stylish by preventing claw marks, and give your cat a dose of fresh fashion at the same time!

By following these steps, Mittens will discover the joys of his own scratching posts in no time, and you’ll be able to enjoy your new furniture for even longer! Good kitty!

If your cat has already gone to town on the side of your couch, it may be time for an upgrade. For furniture worth protecting and home advice you can count on, come on down to Your Square Deal Maytag!