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How to Clean Leather Furniture

by Product Specialist

How to Clean Leather Furniture

It only makes sense that leather furniture should be cleaned. After all, leather couches are the repositories for lint, dirt, and germs from anywhere individuals sat before sitting on the couch.

The Clean Rating for Your Furniture

Some furniture can be cleaned with water, some with dry solutions only, and still other furniture can be cleaned with either. Look for a W, S, or S/W label on your furniture to see what the manufacturer recommends.

  • W = Wet/water cleaning only
  • S = Dry solvent cleaning only
  • SW = Dry solvent and/or wet cleaning
  • X = Professional cleaning or vacuuming only

But not all leathers are created equal. With some leathers directly derived from cow-hide and others as bonded materials, not all of the same techniques will work. Refer to your furniture's label to find the exact material and best care techniques.

The Universal First Steps

To clean any leather material, the first steps are always the same. This will include vacuuming and wiping down the entire piece with a soft cloth. During this process, anything that could scratch the surface can be removed and you can identify any places that need extra attention.

Simple Cleaning, or Cleaning and Conditioning

Leathers and bonded leathers can be damaged by water saturation; so any cleaning should be done with this in mind. A mild solution of vinegar and water can be used to simply remove dirt. To clean and condition at the same time, a solution can be made of one part vinegar and two parts linseed oil. This can be buffed into the leather, and rebuffed a time or two to remove excess product before using the furniture again.

Stain Removal

Leather furniture can get stains, but the stains don't have to stay. Grease stains should be cleaned with a rub of dry baking powder or a paste of lemon juice and baking powder. After the baking powder has had the opportunity to absorb the grease, it can be brushed or dusted off. Finish up with wiping the surface with a damp cloth. Aside from grease stains, ink stains can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol.

With these helpful cleaning tips, we hope your leather furniture will stay dirt-free for many years to come.