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Creative Alternatives to Bedside Tables

by May Fitzgerald

Bedside tables are just so basic. When you are setting up your new bedroom – or if you are just looking to spice up your current bedroom décor – most of your effort probably goes to finding a mattress, a bed frame, and then eventually you work your way to the realization of “Oh, yeah, I suppose I do need a bedside table after all.” Happens to the best of us.

Bedside tables can present an opportunity for creativity though, and can be used to do more than just accent the rest of your bedroom furniture. If you are looking to really stretch your creative side, here are a few wild alternatives to normal bedside tables that will be right up your alley.

And remember, if you get stuck at all in your search – or just need help picking out any other types of furniture – we’re always here to lend a hand! Give us a call or stop in and we’ll assist you on your furniture journey.

Barrels of Fun

Old barrels can be turned into all kinds of furniture, but they are particularly well suited to be small tables. You know, kind of like those small little tables that you put right next to your bed? Oh, hey, that’s what this list is about! It’s perfect.

You can use your barrel tabletop as it is for a rustic look, or you could get a small piece of glass to cover the top of the barrel and create a more finished look.

Drum Up Support

If you are a percussionist in your prime, or just a fan of musical accompaniment furniture, pay attention. This one is really easy. Get a big drum. Turn said drum on its side. Ta-da! Instant bedside table.

Of course, don’t get a small snare drum – we’re talking about one of those big marching band drums. They are perfect sized to be a nice, large bedside table, and also offer a musical flair that you won’t find from most other bedside tables.

Pet Integration

If you are lucky enough to share your space with some furry little friends, you could turn your bedside table into something that is not only fashionable, but also functional.

If you have a cat, you could get one of those hideaway litter box/table combos, which would give you a fancy place to disguise that eyesore of a little box. For dogs, they also make dog beds that double as nightstands. There’s something for you, no matter which side of the dog or cat debate you live on. But really, it’s a treat for you and your pets, so there’s no downside here.

Got Milk?

If you are going for a more rustic theme in your bedroom, you might want to try grabbing a glass of milk.

Or at least, what used to carry milk. An old milk canister is a great substitute for a bedside table, and would give your room a farm fresh feel it might not otherwise have. If you don’t want to keep its natural silver color, you could also repaint it to match the color scheme of the rest of your bedroom. Either way, it’s sure to be quite an a-moo-zing addition to your home.

Swing for the Fences

No, no, we aren’t recommending you try to balance your end table on a baseball bat. That would probably just result in things crashing and falling. Instead, what about a cool swing? You can hang the upper ropes high up on the wall or on the ceiling, and then have the actual swing part be at the height you need it so you can reach it from bed.

Chest o’ gold

Arg, my mateys, there be some real treasure here! If you are going for a more nautical theme, an old chest could make for a really interesting and intriguing addition. It not only gives you storage on top of it, but you get ample inside storage, as well. It probably won’t come with pirate gold, but it would still be a killer piece nonetheless.

A Spin on Traditional

If you are looking for something a little more rooted in tradition, you could start with a regular nightstand, and then spruce it up. Pinterest has lots of ideas on how to redo a nightstand, and you can always stop in and see all of the unique and creative nightstands we have for sale, too!

Of course, these are just a few ideas for bedside tables. If you are looking for more options stop by today and our team members will help you find the perfect piece!