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5 Ways to Upcycle an Old Mattress

by Waverly Wilde

Waste not, want not! That adage is true of things like dinner leftovers and spare buttons and rubber bands, but bigger things, like mattresses and furniture, can also be reused to save money and make life easier.

A good mattress is the key to a good night's sleep, but throwing out your old mattress can be a major hassle, not to mention a major waste. So instead of paying out the nose for recycling and truck rental fees, only for your old mattress to spend eternity in a landfill somewhere, try these five ideas for upcycling your old mattress into something you'll love all over again -- without compromising a wink of sleep.


Cube Chair

This has got to be the most fitting next stage of life for a foam mattress past its prime!

Often, the insides of your old mattress are perfectly squishy and comfortable, even if it isn't able to give your back the right support. Pull apart those layers of foam, cut them into squares, and glue them in a stack to make a set of stylish but comfy cube chairs! They're just the thing for sitting around a low coffee table, or for kicking your feet up on by the fireplace. These little chairs are so convenient and simple to make, you may even forgive the mattress they're made of for all the sleepless nights it caused you.


Pet Bed

If you're sick and tired of sitting on your old bed, why not give it a second life as a bed for your best buddy?

Memory foam is the perfect pet bed material, and your pup doesn't mind hand-me-downs. Just cut the foam into a simple square or a wedge-shape to fit perfectly into your four-legged-friend's favorite corner. It's a great way to give Fido a cozy, secure spot year-round, and if you use an old comforter as a cover, you won't even have to spend a dime!


Flower Vase

Give your home a little rustic charm with these bedspring flower vases! Perfect for farmhouse style homes and vintage enthusiasts, these bed-spring vases are easy to make and add a special something to any space. What better way to give a tired, old mattress some fresh charm?


Photo Display

A single mattress has a lot of bedsprings, so don't limit yourself to just one craft! When tipped on their sides and attached to a wooden board, bedsprings make a perfect way to display family photos, postcards, cherished letters, and more. The best part is that this craft requires almost all the same supplies as the vases, so you don't have to rush back to the craft store!


Garden Trellis

If you prefer to do your DIY outdoors, try this amazing gardening hack out for size! Instead of wasting money and perfectly good wood on a new garden trellis, use the inner metal frame of your mattress instead. Just stand it up on some metal garden stakes or attach it to your back fence, and your old mattress springs make the perfect spot for viny plants to flourish and grow wild.


Your saggy, old mattress has worked hard for you, doesn't it deserve to retire in peace? And don't you deserve a better night's sleep? With these crafty tips, your old bed won't go to waste, and you'll get to move on to a mattress that lets you get your snooze on every night. Stop by our store to see the mattress options we have in stock, so you can let your inner DIY-er run wild and make sure you're finally getting the rest you need.