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How to Use Coorie in Your Home Decor

by Cathy Carr

A red tartan couch in front of a wall made of wooden log cross-sections.

In 2018, the interior design scene was all about hygge. This year, coorie is taking over.

Both of these design aesthetics focus on maximizing the cozy vibes in your life. Fuzzy throw blankets, wooden furniture, and gentle shades of blue and white defined the hygge mood. Though the Scottish-born concept of coorie shares some similarities with hygge, coorie is emerging as a standalone design aesthetic in its own right. If your decor needs a little something and cozy is your cup of tea, then pour yourself a mug and hop on board with this year’s coziest design trend!


What is Coorie?

Coorie is as much a design aesthetic as it is a state of mind.

To quote Gabriella Bennett, Scottish journalist and writer of “The Art of Coorie”: “A coorie way of life practices small, quiet, slow activities by engaging with our surroundings to feel happy.” The word originally meant “cuddle” or “snuggle,” but now, coorie has come to be synonymous with the inherent sense of calm and cozy that comes from nature and the great outdoors.

Little touches of the rustic and the natural world are what set coorie apart. The feeling of huddling around a campfire in the woods at night, the sensation of a cold wind on your face while sitting on a rolling hill – coorie is about finding these moments of peace wherever you are. So how do you include such an abstract concept into your home decor? It’s simpler than you might think!


Go Wild

The key to coorie is embracing a kind of relaxed, homestead sensibility. Easier said than done – especially if you live in a city or a suburban neighborhood! But thoughtful stylistic choices can bring those coorie feelings into your space wherever you are.

Rough-cut wood, open-knit blankets, and vintage knickknacks all have a home in the coorie sensibility. When you’re thinking about furniture, think tartan patterns and dark woods, or even a few touches of exposed metal. Reclaimed wood and even upcycled crates all make for great tables and stools, while cast iron shelving can make a real statement in the walls.

Browns and deep greens paired with scarlets and burgundies are the quintessential colors of the style. Try out some woven ottoman poufs to match the blankets tossed over the arms of your rocking chair, or a softly shaded lamp casting warm light over a wooden secretary desk. Any furniture that makes you feel warm, cozy, and fulfilled – that’s coorie!


A white room overlooks an autumn hillside scene. A futon bed is made of repurposed wooden crates topped with yellow cushions and red and brown tartan pillows. Two wooden stools with fur seats sit near the window, beside a dresser made of crates.

Green Scene

It’s hard to evoke the feeling of tramping through the Scottish highlands without even a touch of green! When designing your coorie home, you’ll want to bring a bit of the outdoors in. Naturalistic, wintry wreaths and vases of dried flowers are a great way to incorporate that woodsy feeling. If neither of these things (or the materials to make them) are easily collectible from the ground outside your home, synthetic greens and other cabin-chic decor -- like the simple and stylish pieces you can find at our store -- are just as effective at bringing in the coorie.


Get Crafty

Your favorite furniture and decor store might have everything you need for the perfect coorie casa, but don’t be afraid to get a little crafty with the finishing touches! Coorie is about building a lifestyle of happiness and contentment, and nothing sets the mind at ease quite like crafts. Knitting, crocheting, baking, and basketweaving are all on the table here – even if you’re not handy by nature, the personal touch of your slightly imperfect crafts only contributes to the coorie look and feel.


So if you’ve been feeling far from cozy this winter, maybe the solution lies close to home! A coorie makeover could be just the thing to soothe your new year stress and make your home more inviting all year ‘round. Of course, you’ll need some great new furniture and decor to complete your coorie look – so come by our store and ask our associates for some help picking out pieces you’ll love. We’ve got everything you need to create your cozy new haven.