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A Serta Bed is Good for a Healthy Memory

by Product Specialist
A Serta Bed is Good for a Healthy Memory

On some days, an extra cup of coffee in the morning is necessary to stay awake and function like a human being. It’s hard not feeling a bit absent minded the next day after those sleepless nights. Why is that? In simple terms, your body tries to survive the best way it knows how during these situations. The way it does that is by dispersing the little energy it has to a few select places, making sure you can walk but maybe not helping you remembering the answers to a test. A good bed, such as a Serta Mattress, can help give you the sleep you’ve been needing to start your day off right. Learn why sleep affects your memory and what you can do to get all the rest you need for optimal growth.

Attention Span of a fly

Someone who is sleep-deprived cannot efficiently learn that well. It’s insanity to pull an all-nighter and then go to a class the next day expecting to leave there knowing more than when you entered. The truth is, no sleep makes it difficult to focus and usually attention spans are shorter from less sleep. Little attention spans make absorbing knowledge rather hard, so it’s safe to say a good night’s rest will help your brain grasp new information and hold onto it a lot better.

It may just be the bed

Not being able to sleep is torture. You could be exhausted and craving sleep, but sometimes, it’s just not you – it’s the bed. Luckily, there are ways to avoid sleep deprivation and keep your mind intact. If you aren’t facing a sleep disorder, but still suffer from staying awake, you may be needing a new mattress. Serta technology has the ability to turn that 2-hour sleep you’ve been getting into an 8-hour trip to dreamland. Getting your hands on a bed that suits you and your body will help improve your learning ability, memory, and overall health in the long run.

Serta Technology

A Serta Bed is Good for a Healthy Memory

Don’t let your sleep be ruined for another night! Serta technology has the power to make your sleep easier so you won’t have to struggle dozing off every night. If you sleep too hot, waking up in the middle of the night sweating may be a common occurrence for you. With temperature regulating foam mattresses from Serta, you’ll get better air flow so sleeping won’t feel like such a humid affair. That’s only one of the many innovative inventions that Serta has come up with. From adjustable foundation beds to even sleep tracking devices, the chances you’ll actually get to fall sleep in a Serta bed is very likely!

Getting a full 8 hours of sleep every night is not always the easiest thing to do. But it’s important that you do it so your mind and body get the full rest that they need to function properly the next day. Speak to a sales associate at our mattress store to find the right Serta Mattress to aid you during your sleepless nights.