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5 Drinks That Disrupt Sleeping on a Serta

by May Fitzgerald

Serta mattresses are designed to help you get the best sleep possible. They do have the cute, adorable sheep as their mascot, remember? And nothing helps people sleep more than sheep.

But, even though Serta mattress are top of the line, there are still things that are beyond even your mattress’s magical powers that can interrupt your sleep. As part of our mission to educate consumers on such dangerous and potentially sleep-altering pastimes, we threw this list together of different drinks that are sure going to disrupt your sleep and keep you up past your bedtime.

Give it a read … and happy sleeping from us and all of your friends at Serta!

1. Coffee

Coffee is for the mornings.

It can be great to help you get up and going, but if you are drinking all that caffeine late at night, it isn’t going to make it easy to fall asleep. No matter how good of a Serta mattress you have, if that cappuccino you just got at 9 p.m. is still coursing through your veins, sleep is going to be hard to come by.

2. Soda/Pop

Aside from the caffeine content, the sugar in soda (or pop) is another deterrent to joyful nights full of hours of undisturbed sleep. If you want to roll around in your bed for hours on end counting literal sheep, sure, chug a Coke or pound down a Pepsi right before your bedtime. But sugar rushes and sleep, while they do start with the same letter of the alphabet, don’t go hand-in-hand. Pass on those sugary drinks, and try some calming tea instead.

3. Alcohol

Grabbing a nice glass of “wine down” wine, “I worked hard today” whiskey, or “Man this week was terrible” tequila is a common way for many people to end the day. Such habits just aren’t good for your sleep health, however. It can disrupt your sleep cycles, and that’s not something you want to do.

4. Energy drinks

We feel like we probably shouldn’t have to explain this one to you. If you are chugging Monster and Red Bull late at night – drinks whose sole purpose is to keep you awake – then you are going to have problems falling asleep. Like, it’s right there in the name.

Try relaxing on a Serta mattress without relying on the extra pick-me-up to get yourself through the evening. It will be like you’re floating on a delicate daydreaming cloud of magical sleepiness, and you’ll be asleep so fast and wake up so well rested you won’t need to keep resorting to drinks to keep you going.

5. Water

What? Even water? Yup. While water is, of course, good for you, drinking too much of it close to bedtime is going to cause your sleep to be disturbed by, well, waking up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. There’s nothing worse than that, so try to cut down your intake as you get closer and closer to bed.

Of course, drinks are only part of the battle: You need a comfortable and supportive mattress beneath you if you want to get a good night’s rest, and that’s exactly what Serta delivers night after night. If you don’t have one, stop in today and we’ll gladly show you all of Serta’s different models and how they can help transform your bedtime routine for the better!