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Better Sleep Makes You More Productive

by Product Specialist

Better Sleep Makes You More Productive

Many people have the idea that sleeping more means you aren’t doing all that you can do. It’s time to change that mentality and embrace more sleep so that we have healthier futures. Fortunately, studies show us that better sleep makes you an all around more productive person, so catching a few more z’s should be treated as less of a crime and more of a necessity. Don’t feel guilty about curling up in your Serta mattress early every night, when you’re really preparing for deep sleep that will lead to productive day. Here are some ways a good night’s rest will help you out the following day:

1. Good decision maker

Sleeping on the right mattress is so important, it can make you more successful in life. For example, better sleep actually helps you make better decisions. Get more shut eye before a day of test taking and you are sure to do better than with little rest.

2. Almost perfect

You won’t be perfect, but you will make far fewer mistakes after great sleep. Lousy sleep can hinder your response time, so resting on a good bed, such as a Serta Innerspring mattress, can make all the difference in your response time.

3. Memory game

Learning is something we do every day whether we like it or not. But in order to retain the knowledge you just heard, your brain needs to have had proper sleep. Want a better memory? Get a bed that allows you better sleep.

4. Say goodbye to distractions

When you’re sleepy, getting distracted is easy. One second you are at work, doing what you are supposed to, and the next, you are thinking about what you’re going to be eating for lunch. If your mind is not concentrating on what it should be, a lack of sleep is most likely the answer. Get rid of those distractions by taking more time on your mattress bed and catch up on your sleep.

Become a more productive person with one simple action: sleeping! Stop by to check out our mattresses and ask us about our mattress sales to get better sleep for less!