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The Basics of Transitional Style and How to Use it in Your Home

by May Fitzgerald

The Basics of Transitional Style and How to Use it in Your Home

It can be tempting to chase trends, but when you invest in a big redesign, remember that you’ll have to stick with it. Your home décor should stand the test of time, so make sure you pick a look that will resonate for years to come.

Transitional is a perfect blend of the popular and the timeless. It’s often called “a new twist on an old classic,” because that’s essentially what it is: a perfect blend of luxurious traditional and sleek contemporary styles. It elevates the cozy warmth of traditional design and makes the stark chill of contemporary homes more welcoming.

Transitional is all the rage right now, but because it’s carefully designed to incorporate elements of the old and the new, the style is certainly not going anywhere for a long time. If that sounds like your idea of a dream home, check out these tips for transforming your space into a transitional haven!

Staying Neutral

For a truly transitional home, color is vital. Transitional style relies on a muted, neutral color palette to create a clean backdrop and a sophisticated aesthetic. Soft greys, tans, taupes, and even very light blues are typical color choices for transitional walls.

The muted palette lets your furniture become the focus of the room, while a few bright accent hues and warm woods can infuse color and comfort into the space. A contemporary color scheme is the core of a transitional style, so if you can’t paint your walls, bring in swaths of neutrals another way, like curtains, tapestries, carpets, and couches.

Comfy Casual

The Basics of Transitional Style and How to Use it in Your Home

Sometimes, a stylish home can look great on paper, but it doesn’t make for a practical or comfortable living space. The beauty of transitional style is its ability to incorporate and elevate the casual. A simple trick for transitional style is “contemporary colors, traditional furniture.”

Laid back furniture makes the home usable, while the styling keeps the whole space looking classy. That means you get all the squishy softness of a plush, traditional sofa, in a clean, classy cream or taupe. Soft carpets and upholstered headboards are also popular elements and they can complement more modern components like blunt edges and metal accents.

Textured Treasures

Texture is a big deal in transitional style. Because of its emphasis on clean lines and neutral tones, a lot of the visual interest of transitional style comes from textures. Knotty chenille, understated corduroy, and textured leather are all great choices for visually interesting accents. Couches, armchairs, rugs, and throws made with any of these textural fabrics would make for a stunning living room perfect for a transitional home.

Pattern Master

Simple patterns are great for drawing the eye and breaking up a limited color palette. Transitional is usually best suited to understated patterns and colors that match the room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! Try a carpet with bold, black and white tiger stripes, or curtains covered in Moroccan patterns to pull your personality into the space.

Shine On

Metal, glass, and acrylic bring a grittier, more contemporary edge to the traditional style. Gold accents and metal or glass furniture in clean, geometric shapes are touchstones of transitional style, and if done right, they can be a perfect balance of the masculine and feminine aspects of the style. Circular, sunburst mirrors and glass tables with square, metal frames are popular additions that can give you a taste of the transitional in any home.

Transitional style is perfect for people who can’t help but see the beauty in variety. It’s a celebration of all the things that make classic and contemporary styles great, and from where we stand, it looks like it’s here to stay. With a careful eye and a few great furniture pieces, your home can make the transition too! As always, we are here to help! Come by our store and speak with our expert sales associates to get more insider tips and tricks for your home (or room) remodel!