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What Major Appliances Use the Most Energy in Your Home

by Product Specialist IV

What Major Appliances Use the Most Energy in Your Home

4 Major Appliances That Use the Most Energy in Your Home

Every month, the new energy bill arrives, and it can be almost daunting to open it. It’s like a guessing game every time: will it be high or will it be low? On certain months you may even be curious how and why it could be so outrageous. Sometimes it’s better to know what major appliances use the most energy in your house to see which ones you should be using less often. Learn about the top 4 appliances that use the most electricity in your home and efficient ways to decrease your bill’s total every month.

1. Dishwasher

According to Connect4Climate, you only spend about $49 per year on your dishwasher’s energy. While dishwashers tend to use very little energy over the course of the year, they can use a lot of water. By using an Energy Star Certified Dishwasher, you’ll save gallons of water as well as energy a year. Spending a little more on an innovative appliance can end up saving you more in the long run.

2. Electric Oven/Range

If you were to use your oven once a day at a 350-degree temperature, you’d be looking at spending approximately $90 a year in energy. If you’re someone who uses your oven often, and sometimes at higher temperatures – you may need to change your lifestyle around a little bit. Try cooking more meals at once so your oven doesn’t have to work harder to heat up every new time you cook something. Just making a few small tweaks in the way you cook could make a big difference in your monthly electricity bill.

3. Refrigerator

Your cold box uses energy – ALL THE TIME. It’s not something you can turn off to save some energy. This is one major appliance that needs to stay cool, always. If you want to stop spending so much money there, make sure your fridge is working at the right temperatures and not blasting too cold of air.

4. Washer and Dryer

Getting to wash and dry your dirty clothes from home is both a luxury and curse. You get all the perks of doing your laundry whenever you want but it also costs you each month. The average cost per household, according to Connect4Climate, is $143 per year. One way to save some money could be by simply using cold water instead of hot water when washing your clothes. Only use warm water when completely necessary. Even considering energy efficient washer and dryers could save you money on your next electricity bill.

Having appliances that are energy efficient can make a big difference when it comes to your monthly bills. You can always look for Energy Star Certified appliances at your local store so you never have to worry about your energy bill being too high. You’ll find all kinds of top brands with appliances aimed at making your lifestyle convenient. Stop stressing about how much energy you use, and start using appliances with smart technology to do the saving for you.